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Wrapping and Protective Products


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Wrapping and Protective products


 Perfect for when your product or item needs protection from the elements and also knocks and bumps. 


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Other products are available please ring for details

Top Pallet Covers

900 /1800 x 1600m  40 Micron


Machine Stretch Film

500mm x 1500m x 23 Micron – Power pre stretched, cast film on standard core

500mm x 20 micron - standard Cast machine wrap

500mm x 17 micron - Standard Machine  wrap


Hand Pallet Wrap

400mm x 300m x 20 Micron – Standard Core

400mm x 300m x 23 Micron – Standard Core

400mm x 300m x 20 Micron - Extended Core

500mm x 300m x 17 Micron - Standard Core 

500mm x 250m x 25 micron – Black standard core

Hand dispensers are also available


PVC Shrink Film

250mm x 500m, different thicknesses available

300mm x 600m, different thicknesses available

350 x 700m, different thicknesses available

400 x 800m, different thicknesses available

550 x 800m, different thicknesses available 

We also stock polyolefin film



12mm x 1000m plastic reel  (brake strains from 180-300 in stock)

Available with Cardboard Cores

12mm Machine Strapping

9mm Machine Strapping

Other Sizes available: please ring for details

Strapping seals in various sizes available

Strapping dispensers available in different sizes and specifications


Corner Protecting Board

1400 x 200


Solid Board Edge protectors

1200mm x 35mm   3mm thick   other sizes are available please ring for details


Polystyrene Pads

Available in various sizes and quantities


Kraft Paper

900mm x 1150mm sheets

1150mm x 1400mm sheets

900mm x 225m 88 GSM roll

750mm x 225m 88 GSM roll

600mm x 225m 88 GSM roll


Wax Kraft

1150mm x 1400mm (heavy duty water resistant protection)


Tissue Paper

500mm x 750mm acid free

Other sizes are available please ring for details


Corrugated Rolls

300mm x 75m rolls

600mm x 75m rolls

650mm x 75m rolls

900mm x 75m rolls

1200mm x 75m rolls

1500mm x 75m rolls


Polythene Bags

450 x 600mm clear (18” x 24”)

250 x 375mm clear (10” x 15”)

500 x 750mm (20” x 30” clear)

600 x 900mm (24” x 36” clear)

30” x 46” clear (Heavy Duty)

760 x 1170mm clear


Grip Seal Polythene bags

4” x 5.5” clear grip seal bags

6” x 9” clear grip seal bags

9” x 12.75” clear grip seal bags


Padded Mailing Envelopes

Bubble padded envelopes, available in various sizes


Reference Letter

Bags – Bubble padded

A        000

110 x 160mm

B        00

120 x 215mm

C        0   A5 size

150 x 215mm

D        1

180 x 265mm

E        2

220 x 260mm

F        3   A4 size

230 x340mm

G       4   A4 size

240 x 335mm

H       5

270 x 360mm

J        6   A3 size

300 x 445mm

K       7

350 x 470mm




 Jiffy bags

sizes   2, 4, 5, 6, and 7 in stock now.


more sturdy protection than conventional bubble lined mailing bags these are filled with shredded card for maximum protection


other sizes available please ring for details
































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