Terms and Conditions



 1. Payment

strictly 30 days on approved accounts unless otherwise agreed in writing


2. Prices

 UK prices are in sterling and exclusive of VAT. Prices are per unit except where indicated and are correct at time of going to press.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Unless otherwise agreed by Desk Top Supplies Ltd Trading in writing all prices stated are those ruling at the date of quotation or acceptance of order and will be subject to adjustment to the prices ruling at the date of despatch.

3. Returns

No goods will be accepted back for return by Desk Top Supplies Ltd without written authorisation from Desk Top Supplies ltd trading office. Return of goods where properly supplied by Desk Top Supplies Ltd trading will incur a 15% handling charge. Return carriage will be charged at cost.



UK mainland  - All deliveries in excess of £50.00 nett are supplied carriage free of charge (within the city of Leicester). Deliveries under £50.00 shall be charged at cost. Deliveries may take a maximum of 5 working days but generally are on an overnight delivery. Carriage for all orders required urgently and sent under special arrangements will be charged at cost. Oversized pallets that attract additional carriage charges will be at time of ordering.

Desk Top Supplies Ltd will not be liable for secondary costs as a result of late or failed deliveries


5. Loss, Damage, or short supply of goods

In the event of any goods being either lost, damaged , or in transit, or short supplied. To validate a claim Desk Top Supplies Ltd must be informed in writing within 3 working days form the date of receipt. No claim will be valid if a P.O.D is signed “received in good condition”.


 6. Ownership of goods

 Goods supplied shall remain the property of Desk Top Supplies Ltd until such time as payment in full has been received; In the event of default of payment Desk Top Supplies Ltd reserves the right to repossess the goods without any notice or other formality.


7. Product Liability

  The purchaser relies on his/her judgement as to the sustainability of all goods offered and supplied for any particular purpose or use under any under any specific conditions.

In the event of any article supplied proving defective in material or workmanship, within twelve month period we undertake to replace or repair this free of charge which shall be the limit of our responsibility. We do not accept liability for any other costs direct or indirect arising from such defective goods. Defective goods to be returned to ourselves for investigation purposes if we desire.


8. Proof of delivery requests

   All of our couriers hold records of proof of delivery for 3 months. Therefore we cannot accommodate requests for proof of delivery later than 3months from the issue date of invoice.


9. Design of specification

   Desk Top Supplies Ltd reserves the right to change design and/or specification without prior notice. Desk Top Supplies Ltd operates with machining tolerances of +/- and with quantities on non stocked items


10. Cost of debt recovery

 Desk Top Supplies Ltd will recover costs associated with recovery of any debt. These costs will be in addition to the debt recovered.


11. Legal Costs

Desk Top Supplies will recover all legal costs incurred in the recovery of any debt. These costs will be in addition to the debt recovered.


12. Interest on amount owed

Desk Top Supplies Ltd will charge the statutory rate of interest (Currently 5% APR) on moneys owed. Interest will be charged from 60th day from invoice.


13. Remittance Notes

Unless a remittance note is supplied with payment Desk Top Supplies Ltd will allocate such payment in order of invoices held, with allocation on the oldest being first.


14. Pack Quantities

  We reserve the right to supply pack quantities as detailed in our price list ruling at date of despatch and therefore round orders to the  nearest pack quantity above quantity ordered.


- As of the 25th May 2018 the new GDPR regulations come into force. Due to this we must inform you of the data we hold and how it is going to be used.


Listed below are the details which we hold for our customers. These details are held on our computer system and in paper form filed in a secure office. We will use the details we have to allow us to send you communications from Desk Top Supplies Limited, in relation to our services, work, updates, quotations, order acknowledgments, statements and invoicing.

Please see the list below which states what information we hold;

·         Company Names

·         Company address’

·         Contact names

·         Telephone and Fax numbers

·         Email addresses

·         Bank Sort Code and Account number (if applicable)

·         Company Reg Number (if applicable)

·         VAT number (if applicable)


Desk Top Supplies will use this data to facilitate trading with you, to have general correspondence with your business on a regular basis and to meet legal requirements outlined by HMRC. Access to this data is restricted and logged, Desk Top Supplies Limited will never pass or sell this information to third parties

You have the right to request the removal from our systems of your data, if you feel there is no reason for us to store your data and would like it to be removed please email External link opens in new tab or windowaccounts@dtspackaging.co.uk