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Mailing Supplies


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Mailing Supplies


 We have a wide range of very high quality yet very affordable packaging solutions, great for when your products are in transit.


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Other products and sizes are available please ring for details

Bubble lined Envelopes 

Bubble padded envelopes, available in various sizes



Reference Letter

Bags – Bubble padded

A        000

115 x 165mm

B        00

125 x 210mm

C        0   A5 size

150 x 210mm

D        1

180 x 245mm

E        2

215 x 245mm

F        3   A4 size

215 x 320mm

G       4   A4 size

230 x 320mm

H       5

275 x 345mm

J        6   A3 size

305 x 450mm

K       7

350 x 450mm




Jiffy Mailing Bags

sizes 2 , 4, 5, 6 and 7 in stock now.


other sizes available please ring for details


Documents Enclosed Envelopes

A7 size   (74 x 105mm)

A6 size   (150 x 105mm) 

A5  size  (210 x 150mm)


Manila Envelopes

220 x 110mm

C5 241 x 178mm  also in board backed

C4 324 x 229mm also in board backed

444 x 368mm

457 x 324mm

Other sizes and styles are available please ring for details and specification


Postal Tubes

A0   855mm in 3" diameter

A1   610mm Available in sizes: 2”, 3”, 4” inch diameter

A2   445mm Available in sizes: 2”, 3”, 4” inch diameter

A3   310mm Available in sizes: 2”, 3”, inch diameter

3”    760mm tube

3"   1080mm tube       *NEW*

All supplied with end caps

Triangle Postal Tubes

Die cut corrugated tubes with self adhesive sealing







Void Filler (Loose Fill)

Large bag 15cubic feat

















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